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STEEL JAWS KENNEL breeds blue bully pitbulls and has blue bully pitbull puppies for sale, standard, pockets, exotic and extreme bully puppies. We bring to you the best bully blue pitbulls for sale, standard, pockets, exotic and extreme bully puppies that you can find world-wide. Make sure before you purchase your blue nose bully pitbull puppy that you educate yourself about the breed. If you have any questions about our bully pitbulls for sale dont hesitate to give us a call about our blue bully pit bull puppies for sale, standard, pockets, exotic and extreme bully puppies. STEEL JAWS KENNEL is based out of Florida. We are close to all the surrounding states florida alabama georgia mississippi lousiana tennessee north carolina south carolina virginia new york new jersey vermont pennsylvania maryland connecticut delaware. We also can ship semen from any of our pitbull studs anywhere in the United States. We also ship our puppies to any where in the world, including in the United States, such as florida alabama georgia mississippi lousiana tennessee north carolina south carolina virginia new york new jersey vermont pennsylvania maryland connecticut delaware. Our goal is to produce the best bully blue pitbulls for sale also know as the American Bully. We will have bully blue nose pitbull puppies for sale throughout the year and if you dont see the blue bully pitbull for sale you like on the current site give us a call and make sure to ask about anything upcoming we have that isnt on the site yet.


Come see our other bullies at LAZY ACRES BULLY FARM! If you are interested in a top of the line French Bulldog then click here to visit LAZY ACRES BULLY FARM.

abkc & abba champion Rhino comes from Ultimatebluepitbulls in Georgia. we have the shortest, and widest blues. See abkc & abba champion Rhino, Soldier, peepshow, the situation and more at www.steeljawskennel.com. we are breeding molly, a rhino daughter, who is off of the quake and kharma breeding, which produced some awesome blue pitbulls, to a EXOTIC Thing son. We have produced several litter with Dax, from Ed Shepherd, at Daxline. We have bred dax back to his daughter to create some extreme daxline american bullies. We have also bred a Champion Situation daughter to Miagi blood. The puppies from Phantom, a direct Bully Camp Miagi son, and Meatball, a Champion Situation daughter are amazing. Just wait until you see these big head, big bone, super girthy, freaky puppies! At Steel Jaws Kennel, STEEL JAWS KENNEL Home of the blue bully pitbulls, we breed Blue bully Pitbulls or bully BluePitBulls. We specialize in blue bully pitbulls and bully blue pitbull puppies, in the short bully blue pocket pits pit bulls, wide blue pitbulls, we have Kurupt blood the extreme bully pitbulls and bully blue pit bulls also known the blue bully EXOTIC American Pit Bull Terrier. We also have other colors other than the bully blue pit bull like blue fawn pitbulls, blue brindle pitbulls, black pitbulls, champagne bully pitbulls, EXOTIC tri-color bully pitbulls and white bully pitbulls. all of our bully puppies are ukc registered, united kennel club and most are also abkc registered, american bully kennel club. we also have abkc champions, we use some of these abkc bully champions to sire our bully puppies, making them direct abkc bully champion puppies. we have standard abkc bully champions, we also have abkc pocket bully champions. the abkc champion pocket bully champion usually produce pocket bully puppies or pocket bully pitbull EXOTIC puppies. these bully puppies are super short and very wide bully puppy puppies. here in jacksonville floirda, steel jaws kennel EXOTIC prides our selves on producing some of the best looking bully puppies in the world. some other kennels claim to have more champions than any other kennel in the world, but look at their puppies page or their produced bullies, their productions dont compare to how much bone, girth, and the overall health of our puppies. our blue puppies are super wide & show quality. we have planned breedings this year to grand champion dax, owned by ed sheppard. dax is gottilines romeo's best some also to cashpot, grand champion dax's best son, EXOTIC and gottiline romeo's best grandson. we also plan to incorporate some more kurupt blood this year. last year we bred to sideshow, a direct kurupt son. the puppies off that litter have the signature kurupt blood look. we also plan to add some g2 (kingpin line) blood to our kennel. we think the g2, kingpin line, signature head peice will match up nicely with the awesome EXOTIC bullies we have here at steeljaws kennel. we may even add some EXOTIC roc & ruby blood, maybe some tonka blood, if we can find the right stud for our bully females. SOME OTHER KENNELS ALSO COPY INFORMATION OFF OF OTHER KENNELS WEBSITES, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK REFERENCES BEFORE YOU PURCHASE YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER! Not only do we have EXOTIC Blue bully Pit Bulls puppies for sale but we have Big bully blue pit bull bully puppies for sale , EXOTIC Blue Gottiline pit bull puppies for sale, gotty bully puppies for sale, Razor Edge pit bull puppies for sale, Mikeland blue pitbull bully puppies for sale, Blue American pit bull terrier puppies for sale, EXOTIC EXOTIC EXOTIC Blue short, wide, bully pit bull puppies for sale. We strive to produce the best blue pit bull, big blue bully pit bulls that will produce the best bully blue pit bull puppys, big blue bully puppies big bully puppies, and big bully adults, and big blue pit bully EXOTIC bull bully puppies or bully big blue American bully pit bull puppy for sale. We also strive to produce the biggest head on blue pit bull puppys, and the biggest chest on bully blue pitbulls, widest blue bully pit bull puppies for sale. STEEL JAWS KENNEL, home of the blue pitbull, is one of the best pit bull and bully blue pit bull breeders in Florida, North America EXOTIC and the world. All are pitbulls or blue pit bulls or blue American pit bulls and blue pit bull puppies for sale are purple ribbon bred and UKC registered and some ABKC registered. Our goal is to breed the biggest blue pit bulls and the biggest blue American pit bull terrier in the world and the biggest blue bully. We are located in EXOTIC florida. we are bully & pitbull breeders & our kennel is in North Florida, north of Jacksonville Florida, south of Georgia, south of Brunswick EXOTIC Georgia, south of savannah and Atlanta. We are top of the line bully breeders. Our blue pitbulls or blue pit bull, or American Bully, blue pit bull puppies for sale and pitbull puppies for sale and American pit bull terriers for sale all come with health certificate and guarantee. Meaning your pitbull puppies, blue EXOTIC pitbull puppies and blue American pit bull puppies for sale are the best pit bull puppies, blue pit bull puppies and blue EXOTIC American pitbull puppies will be in good health. Our blue pit bulls and blue pit bull puppies for sale as blue American bully pit bulls have big heads, wide chest and are short bully pit bulls Pocket bully pit bull. We have some of the best blue American pit bulls off of the Gotty or Gotti or Gottiline or Gottiline bloodline in the world. Also some of the best blue American pitbull puppies for sale off of the Razors Edge or Razors Edge, razors edge bloodline in the world. Gotti or Gotty goes back to Greyline bloodline. Greyline started the Gottiline or Gotty, Gotti bloodline. Our bully blue pit bulls and bully blue American EXOTIC pit bulls are direct grandsons and granddaughters off of Notorious Juan Gotty or Notorious Juan gotti or Short shot and Cairo. We also have some blue puppies for sale sometimes off of Gotti or Gotty and Monster or West Side Monster and Blue King and CAI or Razors Edge EXOTIC bloodline. Our blue pit bulls or blue American pitbulls are raised with adult blue pit bulls and blue pit bulls for sale. In our opinion we have the best blue bully American EXOTIC pit bulls and best blue american pit bull puppies for sale and blue pit bulls in the world. Feel free to browse all of our gottiline bully, gotti, gotty pit bulls and our razors edge; purple ribbon, blue bully pit bulls. View all of our gottiline or gottyline & blue bully pit bull breedings. Also check out blue bully pit bull puppies for sale and our blue American bully pit bull puppies for sale. Thanks for taking the time to view our bully blue pit bulls and blue EXOTIC american bully pitbull puppies for sale at Steel Jaws Kennel call to today to own your very own blue pit bull puppie & or blue pit bull or EXOTIC American bully pit bull puppy. SOME OTHER KENNELS CLAIM TO HAVE CHAMPIONS, WHEN THE REALLY DONT. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE ABKC, AMERICAN BULLY KENNEL CLUB TO VERIFY CHAMPION STATUS BEFORE YOU SPEND THE MONEY ON A NEW PUP, AND THEN FIND OUT THE SIRE ISNT WHAT HE IS ADVERTISED AS. Steel Jaws Kennel, EXOTIC breeder in Florida, breeds bully Blue pitbulls, bully blue pitbull puppies, and many other colors of bully pitbull adults and bully pitbull puppies. Give us a call, 904-583-5150